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Pawprint | animal rescue podcast for dog, cat, and other animal lovers

You found us! We are Nancy and Harold Rhee, the hosts of Pawprint, an animal rescue podcast. We’ve been married 20 years, have fostered over 60 dogs, and we love the amazing people who dedicate their lives. And of course, the dogs, cats, and other animals! We have three dogs of our own – Nacho, Lego, and Evie.

The goal for Pawprint is simple – get inspired and do something. If you’re interested in helping animals, yourself, and your community, Pawprint is here to help! We hope you enjoy our podcast. After that, get inspired. Thanks!

Sincerely, Nancy and Harold – Pawprint

Jun 9, 2016

Bunny Hofberg founded Frankie’s Feline Fund in New York City, with a focus on senior cats. She started volunteering at the ASPCA, then discovered that senior cats could benefit from a greater focus. Bunny depends on an extensive networks of fosters and generous donors to care for the cats and to help them find permanent homes.

If you want to learn more about Bunny and Frankie’s Feline Fund, go to our show notes at






One big resource for Frankie’s is Dr. Peter Soboroff, medical director of New York Cat Hospital


Dr. Soboroff’s “Midnight Marathon” GoFundMe page


Thank you to Steven Shalowitz for making the connection. He is host of The One Way Ticket Show and was our featured guest on episode 40.


Other Resources

Frank Sinatra was known as Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Frankie and Johnny is an American song about a vengeful lover that’s been recorded hundreds of times.

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Betty White has had an entertainment career spanning over 75 years. She hosted Saturday Night Live on Mother’s Day weekend in 2010 after a Facebook campaign went viral. Her episode was the highest-rated in 18 months, and featured a great skit involving a certain confection called the “Dusty Muffin.”

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All of Pawprint's music is composed by Luke Gartner-Brereton. Luke is a musician based in Australia, and he composes a wide variety of songs and musical loops

If you want to learn more about Nancy and Harold, go to our About Us page at or listen to our introductory podcast episode, "Fifty Puppies and a Podcast."

Pawprint (or Paw Print) is a weekly podcast dedicated to animal rescue, adoption, and the heroes who make it happen. Volunteer, walk, adopt, or foster a dog, cat, rabbit, or other wonderful pet through your local shelter, humane society, SPCA, pound, and animal control. Help increase animal protection, welfare, and rights.