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Pawprint | animal rescue podcast for dog, cat, and other animal lovers

You found us! We are Nancy and Harold Rhee, the hosts of Pawprint, an animal rescue podcast. We’ve been married 20 years, have fostered over 60 dogs, and we love the amazing people who dedicate their lives. And of course, the dogs, cats, and other animals! We have three dogs of our own – Nacho, Lego, and Evie.

The goal for Pawprint is simple – get inspired and do something. If you’re interested in helping animals, yourself, and your community, Pawprint is here to help! We hope you enjoy our podcast. After that, get inspired. Thanks!

Sincerely, Nancy and Harold – Pawprint

Apr 24, 2016

Eric O'Grey was on the Rachael Ray show Tuesday, April 26!

Here's the segment on Eric's website, Rachael's reaction and the reaction of the audience is very moving!!

**The deadline to submit your story to Mutual Rescue is Saturday, April 30!! Mutual Rescue is a project of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Eric O'Grey is best known as the subject of a viral video which touches upon a variety of topics - animal rescue, mutual rescue, life transformation, and weight loss. He weighed 320 pounds in 2010, adopted a dog named Peety, and proceeded to lose 140 pounds in a year.

A video was made about Eric and Peety's story, and it has gone viral with over 33 million views. A great story about the transformational power of a person and a dog changing each other.

Eric works in sales, is a motivational speaker, and can be reached at

Eric and Peety's website

His video has already achieved 33 million views

Eric's article in Oprah Winfrey's magazine.

Dr. Preeti Kulkarni is the founder and Naturopathic Doctor at Core Integrative Health.

Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Mutual Rescue is a project of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley 

AdWeek wrote an article about Eric and Peety's video

Timi Sobrato & John M. Sobrato sponsored the video

Seattle Humane Society

Nancy works for Contra Costa Humane Society in Pleasant Hill, California. Three different humane societies mentioned in the episode. Confusion reigns.

Lap of Love Animal Hospice for animals nearing the end of life 

Bill Clinton & Wolf Blitzer discuss a plant-based diet

An article on Clinton's plant-based diet

Pawprint (or Paw Print) is a weekly podcast dedicated to animal rescue, adoption, and the heroes who make it happen. Volunteer, walk, adopt, or foster a dog, cat, rabbit, or other wonderful pet through your local shelter, humane society, SPCA, pound, and animal control. Help increase animal protection, welfare, and rights.