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Pawprint | animal rescue podcast for dog, cat, and other animal lovers

You found us! We are Nancy and Harold Rhee, the hosts of Pawprint, an animal rescue podcast. We’ve been married 20 years, have fostered over 60 dogs, and we love the amazing people who dedicate their lives. And of course, the dogs, cats, and other animals! We have three dogs of our own – Nacho, Lego, and Evie.

The goal for Pawprint is simple – get inspired and do something. If you’re interested in helping animals, yourself, and your community, Pawprint is here to help! We hope you enjoy our podcast. After that, get inspired. Thanks!

Sincerely, Nancy and Harold – Pawprint

Jan 31, 2017

Andrea Jordan is our wonderful guest for Episode 100! She is from New Zealand, and after seventeen years in the corporate world in New Zealand and the UK, she decided to become a digital nomad. She is a business strategist who works with entrepreneurs and business owners through her venture, LearnDiscoverBeFree.


Jan 29, 2017

In today’s episode, Nancy shares her experience helping transport 14 dogs from Livermore Airport in California to Idaho with the organization Wings of Rescue. The Front Street Animal Shelter transported 25 dogs!

Harold shares some of his thoughts on shelter animal photography for the beginner photographer.


Jan 23, 2017

Deb Ozarko is today’s amazing guest. She is the host of the Unplug podcast, a so-called Warrior of Truth, Soul Activist, and animal lover. She lives in British Columbia, and today she shares her personal journey and about the dogs and cats in her life.

The dogs she lives with are Zoey,...

Jan 15, 2017

Natalie Scheffler and Jonnie Taylor are our talented guests today. They attend Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio.

Jonnie, Natalie, and several classmates created a company called Pawsitively Remembered. They share about the development of the company, their two products - wind chimes and dog tags, along with the...

Jan 9, 2017

Catherine O’Brien is our incredible guest today. She is host of The Pawcast, a podcast that showcases the rescue animals of Friends of the Animals (FOTA) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She also runs Branch Out Programs, where she helps her clients transform presentations into courses, speaking series, and podcasts.